eastar Clarinet with Black Carrying Case

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Date Posted: 11/24/20

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SKU #: JSR-031124201323

Approx. Item with Case Weight: (5 lbs)

Approx. Item with Case Dimensions: (24 1/2” x 8 1/8” x 5 1/4”)

Shipment Type: Package { 1 }


Things You S|hould Know: This clarinet has been cleaned & disinfected. Includes everything you see in pictures. First picture is a stock photo.


As Advertised Online:

•Amazing look -- Eastar Clarinet Transparent lacquered gold, multi-layer painted ,durable and barely to fade color. Faux mother of pearl inlaid keys are simple and generous. The handcrafted carvings of the bell mouth makes a it even more perfect.


•Material: Instruments Dedicated Brass

•Color: Gold