new American Standard Exposed Afwall Toilet w/Flush Valve Top Spud Floor Mount Toilet Bowl in White/Chrome

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SKU #: 021002181929

UPC #: 033056831007, 012611491290

Approx. Weight: 67 lbs. (Includes Package)

Approx. Dimensions: (27” x 20" x 16")


Local Pickup Only: Package {1}


Things You S|hould Know: The first picture is a stock photo to show how both items will connect. This item is in new condition but package has been opened for inspection. The package may have some wear, stickers, and/or sticker residue on it. Just a package.


As Advertised Online:

Self-cleaning piston with integral wiper spring significantly reduces clogging and maintenance

 Selectronic® proximity system with universal sensor provides hygenic, "hands free" operation

 State-of-the-art electronics prevent ghost flushing

 Dezincification resistant semi-red brass alloy

 Fully mechanical manual override button can flush the valve without power

 Fail-safe valve automatically closes upon loss of power or water pressure and does not need to be reset

 Adjustable sanitary flush cleans the fixture and maintains the trap seal

 Valve automatically switches to water savings mode during periods of heavy usage

 Chemical resistant EPDM seals for extended life

 High back pressure vacuum breaker

 Adjustable tailpiece

 Range can be adjusted manually or with optional remote control

 No external volume adjustment

 Can be installed left or right handed

 Elongatedwall-Mounted Flushometervalve Toilet, Less Seat

 American Standard 3351.001.020 Afwall Universal Top Spud Floor Mount Toilet Bowl with Everclean, White

 High Efficiency, Low Consumption Operates In The Range Of 1.1Gpf To 1.6Gpf (4.2Lpf To 6.0Lpf)

 Everclean surface Inhibits The Growth Of Stain And Odor Causing Bacteria, Mold And Mildew On The Surface


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