new Other Amanti Art Blanco White Wood 39 in. W x 27in. H Single Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Mirror

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Date Posted: 03/10/20

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Approx. Weight: (17 lbs.)

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Approx. Dimensions: This 

(29” x 41” x 1 1/2”)

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This mirror is new Other due to the fact box was opened for inspection. The mirror itself is still sealed. First 5 pictures are stock photos, See pics.



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Give your bathroom the final change with this framed wall mirror sized to fit above a standard bathroom sink. The mirror features a 2 in. wide geometric white frame with a flat face and an angled inner edge. Its clean lines and neutral tone will complement your contemporary decor. The finish is a smooth satin white. We know that each decoration you choose for your home, be it for your living room, foyer, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or other space, is a reflection of your style and taste.


  • White wide frame has flat face and angled inner edge
  • Mirror frame is solid wood
  • Hanging hardware included for easy install in either direction
  • Mirror pieces have durable wires already affixed to the back for easy hanging
  • Finished mirror is professionally handcrafted in Madison, Wisconsin



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