new Other Fusion Motion Portable Gym with Heavy Resistance Bands, Tricep Bar, Ab Roller Wheel and Pulleys, Black and Red

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Date Posted: 09/02/20

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Approx. Weight: Available upon request
Approx. Dimensions: (20” x 19” x 5”)
Shipment Type: Package { 1 }
Things You Should Know: The platform has one small Indention in the foam. Hardly noticeable and it should come undone in time. Other than that this set is new. First picture is a stock photo. See pictures for details.

As Advertised Online:
* No expensive gym memberships or home exercise equipment
* More strength bands and resistance attachments than other home gym sets
* Perfect for staying in shape on the road or at home
* Heavy-duty reinforced steel bars for heavier loads
* No unwanted stares from gym strangers
* 200 training exercises with in-depth instructions

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