new Other Lasko Designer Series 1500-Watt Oscillating Ceramic Electric Portable Heater with Remote Control

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Date Posted: 03/04/20
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UPC #: 046013762207
Model #: 6435
Approx. Weight: (8.10 lbs.)
Approx. Dimensions: (17” x 9” x 9”)
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ngs You Should Know: This item was inspected. The package has wear around it. The first picture is a stock photo.

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With style to spare, the Designer Series Oscillating Ceramic Heater with Remote Control provides warmth and charm to any room. Displaying a beautiful metal scrollwork base, unique hourglass shape and neutral color, it blends well with any decor. Not only elegant but highly functional, it features an electronic touch-control operation that allows you to fine-tune the room temperature to your comfort level. Features include two quiet comfort settings, an adjustable thermostat and an energy-saving 7-hour timer. The oscillation function allows you to expand your comfort zone over a broad area.
* Decorative metal scrollwork base blends beautifully with surrounding decor
* Multi-function remote control
* Electronic touch-control operation for adjustable thermostat
* 2 quiet settings: high heat, low heat and auto (thermostat controlled)
* 7-hour timer
* Oscillation covers entire room
* Self-regulating ceramic element
* Fully assembled

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