new Other Luxe 100% Faux Fur Throw - White

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Date Posted: 12/10/20

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SKU #: JSR-031210201503 - 030312211004 - 030405211726

Approx. Item Weight: (1 lb)

Approx. Item Dimensions: (39 3/8” x 25 1/2”)

Shipment Type: Package { 1 }


Thi|ngs You Should Know: This item is in new other condition due to the fact, not in original box. Looks great. Wrapped in plastic for protection.



As Advertised Online:

Indulge in the sumptuous feel of fur with our luxury faux collection. Artificially woven from finely spun strands, our throws beautifully re-create the natural weight, depth of color and indulgent softness of genuine fur.


Outer Shell Exterior

80% Acrylic

20% Polyester