New Pilates Wheel - Black & Red, Machine Pilates Made Portable!

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SKU #: JSR-030917211433

Approx. Weight: (12.1 lbs.)

Approx. Dimensions: (3 1/4” x 28 1/8” x 15”)

Shipment Type: Package { 1 }


Things You S|hould Know: This item has been opened for inspection and pictures. All still wrapped in original plastic packages. First 3 pictures are stock photos.


As Advertised Online:

•Smooth rolling action strengthens & lengthens

•Works multiple muscles in a single move

•Guides your moves & aligns your position for safe and effective results

•Perfect for all: beginner, intermediate, and expert


You’ll get hundreds of body-shaping moves, including:

•Easy Start Orientation Full Body workoutsStrength & CardioAbs, Arms, Legs, Back, and CoreMobility & Range of MotionStretch & Align

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