Rare Import 2010 Honda SH150D Automatic Motorcycle, Red/Black

Sale price $2,500.00 Regular price $5,000.00

Date Posted: 11/10/20

Sales Channels: CL,OU,5M,FB

Bin #: SR


Sku #: KEV-051110201715

Model #: SH150D

Approx. Dimensions: (81” x 48” x 32 1/2”)


Things You Should Know:

Price is firm. This bike was imported from Europe.

Mileage on title when it was last registered

8626 10/18/2013

Mileage as of 11/09/20-8675

European aftermarket mirrors. (Original mirrors will be included as well.)

Original brake handles installed. (After market brake levers and throttle grips included as well.)

-Clear Title on Hand-

Comes with owners manuel


As Advertised Online:


Drive-Rear-Wheel Drive

Vehicle Type-Motorcycle

Body Style-Motor Scooter


Fuel Type-Unleaded


Compartment-Helmet storage

Kickstand-Dual Kickstand


Max weight capacity-366 lbs.