samsung BD-D6500 3D Blu-ray Player with Wi-Fi

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Date Posted: 10/03/20



SKU #: JSR-011003201551

Model #: BD-D6500

Approx. Weight: (4 lbs. 3 oz.)

Approx. Dimensions: (17” x 9” x 3”)

Shipment Type: Package { 1 }


T hings You Should Know:

The top of the Blu-ray player has scuffs/scratches. First picture is a stock photo. See pictures for details.


As Advertised Online:

  • Video upconversion for DVD (via HDMI)
  • Built-in audio decoding for Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS, and DTS-HD
  • High-resolution audio can be decoded in the player or in your compatible receiver (HDMI connection required)
  • Video outputs include composite video, component video, and HDMI