samsung BD-E5900 3D WiFi Blu-ray Disc Player

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Date Posted: 10/03/20



SKU #: JSR-011003201701

Model #: BD-E5900

Approx. Weight: (3 lbs.)

Approx. Dimensions: (14” x 8” x 3”)

Shipment Type: Package { 1 }


T/hings You Should Know:

The top of the Blu-ray player has scuffs/scratches. First picture is a stock photo. See pictures for details.


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Smart Hub

Samsung has retooled its Smart Hub feature to further expand its access to a world of online entertainment. Smart Hub also allows you to search through hundreds of apps and use the fully optimized web browser for a seamless user experience.

3D Blu-ray

Play 3D titles or intensify your viewing experience with the Samsung 3D Blu-ray player

Built-In WiFi

With a wireless LAN built right in, it is easier than ever to access your apps and enjoy online content.