VSP M1A2 Abrams 1/24 RC Battle Tank - A02103825 - Dessert Storm

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Date Posted: 11/21/20

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SKU #: JSR-011121201347

Model #: A02103825

Approx. Weight: (6 lbs)

Approx. Dimensions: (20 1/8” x 13 3/8” x 7 1/4”)

Shipment Type: Package { 1 }


Things You S|hould Know: This tank has been tested and inspected - works great. Sounds great. Includes everything you see in pictures. First 2 pics are stock photos. Box does show some wear/tear. The item itself is used, looks good - shows light signs of use. 


As Advertised Online: The 2011 VsTank Pro features a completely new controller VTX-10 with Blue LED light and proportional controlling stick.

2011 Version New Features includes (1) continuous movement, (2) Proportional Controlling Stick, (3) Factory painted weathering body, (4) realistic engine sound and tread moving sounds.

This Infrared battle tank does not shoot BB bullets but provides 3D IR battling functions never seen before in 1/24 scale RC tanks. This Infrared battling system allows up to 5 other tanks to engage another



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