Yale 3,000 lbs. Capacity 24-Volt Electric Stand-Up Forklift,Yellow/Black with Charger

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Date Posted: 01/01/21

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Sku #: JSR-050101211132

Model #: ESC030ABN24SV083

Approx. Weight: Available upon request

Approx. Dimensions: Available upon request

Less Than Truckload Pallets { 3 }


Things You Should Know: The fork list has some wear but is still in great condition. $500 delivery within 25 miles of warehouse location. See pictures for details.


QUARTZ (17076)

Truck Serial #: N527327

Battery Type: E

Volts: 24 Max. A.H.  980 (6 Hour Rate)

Battery Size: 35.44” x 13” x 31”

Truck Weight Less Battery: 4222 lbs.

Truck Weight With: 12-E120-15

Battery: 5723 lbs.

Width Over Load Tires: 1500 to 1600 lbs.

Width Over Load Tires: 39 in.

Inches Back Tilt: 8 Deg.

Pressure, PSI Load Tires: SOLID

Steer Tires: Poly


Dim. A Load Center 24

Dim. B Fork Height 126

Dim. C Load Center 24