new Other Pebble Step Sof-Tred Premium Anti-Fatigue Mat, 3' x 60', Black, MAT268BK

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Date Posted: 10/02/18

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Sku #: 051002181816

Model #: MAT268BK

Approx. Weight: 187 lbs. (Includes Package and Pallet)

Approx. Dimensions: (39” x 21” x 21”) (48” x 48” x 40”) (Includes Pallet)

Shipment Type: Less Than Truckload Pallets { 1 }


Things You Should Know:

The top layer of the roll has 4 small holes in it. The rest of the mat is still new. See pictures.


As Advertised Online:


•Non-directional top surface ensures excellent traction and is easy to clean

•Outperforms competitive products in tear resistance and tensile strength

•Overall thickness is 3/8"

•All four sides are beveled to minimize trip hazards


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