new wearwell diamond plate spongecote ultrasoft anti fatigue mat, 61' x 3' x 15/16" black with yellow

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Sku #: JSR-050416180000

Approx. Weight: 243 lbs. Based on online research

Approx. Dimensions:

On pallet (48” x 40” x 40”)

Without pallet (35” x 30” x 30”)

Local Pickup Only: Package {1}


Things You S|hould Know: N|ew. Light bow|s due to bein|g strapped t|o the pallet|. Once| it’s off and place on floor it should retake it’s original flat shape. See pictures for details.


As Advertised Online:

UltraSoft Diamond-Plate SpongeCote proves the old adage that two is better than one. The Nitrile enhanced Nitricell sponge is twice as thick but still absorbs repeated compression and bounces back to its original form better than any PVC sponge alternative. That means longer life and greater productivity improvement for hard working industrial athletes. UltraSoft Diamond-Plate SpongeCote doubles the defense against productivity robbing fatigue.


* Tough abrasion and chemical resistant PVC surface

* Diamond-Plate pattern for improved traction

* Machine cut and beveled edges prevent tripping

* Overall thickness 15/16" (24 mm)

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